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One of the best cryptocurrency airdrops available is the BIGFOOT MOE Airdrop. Get 1 Trillion MOE Tokens for FREE! Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to receive some free cryptocurrency from the most recent airdrop. It is entirely genuine and is worth looking into. Don’t pass up this latest airdrop; it might be your opportunity to obtain free cryptocurrency.

About Bigfoot Moe:

Guided by a heroic Sasquatch meme, Bigfoot Moe of Memedom is set to redefine the cryptocurrency community. Bigfoot Moe, a creation that relishes in its superiority over other memes, was introduced as a prelude to the grand vision of Memedom. This self-proclaimed “Meme Pimp” rules over its meme counterparts while creating a bridge to this promised land.

Memedom, as the vision behind Moe, aims to revolutionize the meme token landscape by providing an ecosystem for creators of ‘dead’ or unsuccessful meme token projects to monetize their remaining assets. In doing so, it gives these projects a chance to reclaim value and offers a new lease of life for their efforts. Furthermore, Memedom will also serve as a launchpad for budding meme token projects, fostering innovation and growth in this vibrant ecosystem. 

This dual approach creates a win-win situation, enabling creators to recoup some of their losses while providing new projects with an opportunity to acquire valuable assets at a lower cost and a launchpad to make their debut.  This comprehensive approach, led by the enigmatic Bigfoot Moe, is ready to breathe new life into the meme coin domain.

Memedom will be available on the Binance, PulseChain and Ethereum Smart Chains.  Smart contracts will be employed to automate the buying and selling process, and these contracts will be regularly audited by third-party security firms to ensure their safety and reliability. The ecosystem will also implement advanced security protocols to protect users’ data and transactions. 

Tokenomics – Moe operates within a carefully crafted tokenomic structure designed to drive demand, ensure value, and incentivize participation in the ecosystem. The Moe tokenomics model incorporates a fixed supply, a planned token distribution, token utility, a deflationary mechanism, and rewards for staking for the Etereum, PulseChain and Binance smart chains.


  • Reward: 400 million MOE
  • Winner: 2000 Random winners
  • Distribution: Within 1 week after the end of the airdrop.

How to Join BIGFOOT MOE Airdrop:

  1. Let’s get started by chatting with this Telegram Bot!
  2. You’ll earn airdrop tokens after you complete all tasks under the direction of a Telegram bot.
  3. If you wish, you may also join the ATM88 Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Total airdrop pool is 1 Trillion MOE.
  • Task: 400 Million MOE for 2000 random participants each.
  • Referral: 200 Billion MOE for top 50 referrers.
  • 1st place: 50 Billion MOE
  • 2nd place: 36 Billion MOE
  • 3rd place: 20 Billion MOE
  • 4th to 50th place: 2 Billion MOE each.

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