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Hey there, cryptocurrency fans! Prepare for Binance’s (BNB) newest airdrop, where you can obtain 5 FREE $BNB tokens. There’s no way you should pass on this fresh airdrop that’s causing quite a stir in the cryptocurrency community. Because it’s genuine and totally free, why not seize the chance? Don’t pass up this fantastic BNB airdrop opportunity to expand your token holdings. Grab your free cryptocurrency right away!

About BNB:

Launched in July 2017, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange globally based on daily trading volume. Binance aims to bring cryptocurrency exchanges to the forefront of financial activity globally. The idea behind Binance’s name is to show this new paradigm in global finance: — Binary Finance, or Binance.

Aside from being the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, Binance has launched a whole ecosystem of functionalities for its users. The Binance network includes the Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Binance Academy, Trust Wallet and Research projects, which all employ the powers of blockchain technology to bring new-age finance to the world. BNB is an integral part of the successful functioning of many of the Binance sub-projects.

Changpeng Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance. In 2001, Zhao joined Bloomberg as head of tradebook futures development. He spent four years with the company and later joined Fusion Systems as a partner.

Since 2013, Changpeng Zhao has been actively involved with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He became head of development at Blockchain, and in 2015 he founded BijieTech. In 2017, Zhao officially launched Binance, and he has been the CEO of the company ever since.

He Yi is a co-founder and chief marketing officer at Binance. She started her career as a TV anchor and presenter on China Travel TV in 2012. Later, in 2014, Yi co-founded OKCoin, which was the largest fiat-to-crypto exchange in China at the time. In 2017, she joined forces with Changpeng Zhao, and together they created the largest crypto exchange globally — Binance.

BNB Airdrop:

  • Reward: 5 $BNB
  • Winner: For everyone
  • Distribution: Instant within 24 hours.
  • Note: Soon the airdrop will end; stay tuned for a new crypto airdrop link.

How to Claim BNB Airdrop:

  1. First, create an account on Binance and complete KYC2 to receive a free USDT bonus.
  2. Second, let’s get started by chatting with this Telegram Bot!
  3. Once the tasks are completed and the airdrop ends, you will receive your airdrop tokens via a Telegram bot.
  4. Additionally, you can get the Polygon Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Total airdrop reward: 5 $BNB tokens.
  • Earn per refer: 0.01 $BNB tokens.
  • The minimum withdrawals are 0.08 $BNB tokens.

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Note: In case you have any difficulties applying for an airdrop, please watch the video below!

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