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About Avengers:

The Avengers project combines the power of cryptocurrencies and comic book storytelling to create an engaging and entertaining experience for crypto enthusiasts and comic fans alike. Led by the meme token Avengers, this community-driven cryptocurrency aims to restore the Bull Market, unite crypto enthusiasts, and MAKE CRYPTO GREEN AGAIN. This white paper outlines the vision, tokenomics, and roadmap of the Avengers project.

The world of cryptocurrencies and comic books collide in the Avengers project. Inspired by the popular meme tokens, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, and Floki, the project brings together a diverse and passionate community. The primary goal is to restore the Bull Market and foster a sense of unity, collaboration, and entertainment within the crypto community.

Vision – Avengers envisions a decentralized and inclusive crypto realm where innovation thrives, and financial freedom is paramount. By embracing the principles of decentralization and community-driven initiatives, the project aims to empower its members and make a positive impact on the global crypto landscape.

NFT Collectibles: Avengers Green will release a series of exclusive NFT collectibles that represent different characters, moments, and landmarks from the comics series. These collectibles will be available through various community events, giveaways, and occasional drops, providing opportunities for the community to showcase their support and ownership of rare and iconic digital assets.

Limited-Edition Artworks: In collaboration with renowned comic artists and illustrators, Avengers Green will offer limited-edition NFT artworks inspired by the meme token Avengers. These handcrafted artworks will celebrate the spirit of the project and provide fans with a chance to own a piece of the Avengers Green legacy.

Unique Comic Panels: Certain comic book panels from the Avengers Green series will be minted as unique NFTs, immortalizing pivotal moments and epic battles from the comics. These NFT comic panels will be a testament to the dedication and creativity of the community, encapsulating the shared passion for the project and its mission.

NFT Benefits and Utility: Holding Avengers Green NFTs grants various benefits and utility within the ecosystem. NFT holders will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, early previews of upcoming episodes, and exclusive interactions with the creative team.

Furthermore, NFTs can be traded and showcased on various NFT marketplaces, enabling collectors to grow their digital art collections and build a strong community of Avengers Green enthusiasts.

  1. Digital NFT Codes: Throughout the comic book series, certain pages will feature special QR codes or hidden links, leading readers to claim unique NFTs. These digital collectibles will be exclusive to comic book readers, providing them with a tangible connection to the Avengers Green project.
  2. Easter Eggs: Cleverly placed Easter eggs and references within the comic panels will guide readers on a treasure hunt for secret NFTs. Finding these hidden surprises will reward readers with limited-edition NFTs and unlock additional content related to the story.
  3. Interactive Stories: Interactive NFTs can be integrated into the comic books, allowing readers to make choices that affect the storyline. By scanning specific NFTs with their devices, readers can unlock alternative paths or special “what-if” scenarios, making each reading experience unique.
  4. Unlockable Artworks: Certain pages of the comic series will feature exclusive artwork, unlockable only through NFTs. By holding specific NFTs, readers can reveal hidden illustrations, concept art, and even behind-the-scenes insights from the creative team.

Avengers Airdrop:

  • Reward: 4500 AVENGERS
  • Winner: 2000 Random winners
  • Distribution: Within 30 days after the listing on DEX.

How to Claim Avengers Airdrop:

  1. Talk to the Telegram Bot first!
  2. You will earn airdrop tokens by completing all tasks under the direction of the Telegram Bot after the airdrop ends.
  3. Aside from that, you can participate in SeaPad Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • Total airdrop pool is 10 million AVENGERS Token.
  • Task: 4500 AVENGERS for 2000 random participants each.
  • Referral: 1 million AVENGERS for top 100 referrers.
  • 1st place: 150,000 AVENGERS
  • 2nd place: 100,000 AVENGERS
  • 3rd place: 71,000 AVENGERS
  • 4th to 50th place: 7000 AVENGERS each.

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