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Welcome to HOLDCOIN, a distinguished consulting firm specializing in the realms of cutting-edge smart home construction and investment guidance. At HOLDCOIN, we pride ourselves on our team of seasoned professionals within the construction industry, equipped with state-of-the-art methodologies to spearhead the development of smart homes. Our unique strength lies in our ability to seamlessly connect top-tier contractors with both employers and prospective smart home enthusiasts.

Expertise in Smart Home Construction: HOLDCOIN boasts a team of experienced managers well-versed in the intricacies of the construction industry. We employ modern and advanced methods to ensure the successful realization of smart homes tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Network of Best Contractors: Our extensive network includes the best contractors in the smart home sector. By connecting these skilled professionals with employers and aspiring smart homeowners, HOLDCOIN facilitates unparalleled collaboration and ensures the highest quality standards in every project.

Secure Investment Hub: HOLDCOIN is a secure haven for individuals seeking to invest in financial markets. We achieve this by deploying a team of seasoned experts and collaborating with renowned financial consultants, operating in the form of a hedge fund company. Your financial success is our priority.

Commitment to Excellence: At HOLDCOIN, we are dedicated to excellence in all our endeavours. Whether it’s constructing smart homes or guiding you through intricate financial markets, our commitment is unwavering, and our results speak for themselves.

Join HOLDCOIN today to experience innovation, reliability, and success in smart home construction and financial market investments. Elevate your expectations; choose HOLDCOIN as your trusted partner on the path to a smarter, more prosperous future.


Our vision is to pioneer a revolution in modern living by seamlessly integrating technology, sustainability, and community, fostering a future where homes are intelligent, connected, and environmentally conscious.


Our mission is to create an ecosystem of smart homes that redefine the living experience. By harnessing the power of blockchain and the Metaverse, we strive to empower individuals to actively manage their energy usage, enhance security, and engage with their homes in innovative ways. We are committed to driving sustainable practices, technological advancement, and a sense of belonging within the community we build, ensuring a brighter and greener future for all.

HoldCoin Airdrop:

  • Reward: 14000 $HoldX
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: 10th April 2024.
  • Note: After the distribution, the airdrop link will be closed; stay tuned for a new crypto airdrop link.

How to Claim HoldCoin Airdrop:

  1. Chat with the Telegram Bot to get started!
  2. Upon the airdrop’s conclusion, you can earn tokens by completing all tasks under the Telegram Bot’s guidance.
  3. In addition, it is possible to get Kumamoon Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Participate in the airdrop for a chance to win up to 14,000 worth of $HOLDX.
  • Earn an extra 100 $HOLDX for every successful referral.
  • Rewards are available for only 2000 valid participants.

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Note: If you are having trouble claiming the new crypto airdrop, check out the video below!

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