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Wow AI, a leading platform for decentralized finance, is offering a lucrative opportunity to crypto enthusiasts with its latest airdrop. Users can now claim a whopping $2000 USDT absolutely free through this new crypto airdrop. This legit airdrop is the latest on the market and is gaining attention for its generous rewards. Wow AI has always been known for its legitimate airdrops, and this one is no exception. Don’t miss out on this chance to get your hands on some free crypto with Wow AI’s airdrop!

About Wow AI:

AI Platform: Wow AI provides an advanced AI platform, your ultimate end-to-end solution for AI development. This platform streamlines the entire process, from data curation with a built-in LLM-powered data crawler to auto-annotation, auto training and demo.

OTS dataset: Swiftly supercharge your AI training with our comprehensive OTS dataset in multiple formats. Featuring over 100,000 hours of diverse audio data, including multilingual real call center interactions, medical dictations, and synthetic audios, as well as an extensive collection of high-quality DICOM-format medical datasets and images. Our rare and budget-friendly data is your key to success in AI projects – explore it today!

Custom data collation: Embark on a data journey like no other for your ambitious AI training needs. Wow AI boasts a global network of over 170,000 contributors, ready to craft or collect data that’s tailor-made for your project – whether it’s text, images, audio, or video in a multitude of languages. Partner with us and redefine what’s possible in your AI training endeavors.

Labeling: Unlock annotation possibilities at scale with our ML-powered platform. Whether it’s audio, image, lidar, or text, we provide comprehensive, cost-effective annotation solutions with the power of automation, backed by popular foundation models, and the expertise of our cost effective human-in-the-loop approach, ensuring precision and scalability across all domains.

Crowd sourcing: Empower your crowdsourcing projects with our expansive network of 170,000+ global contributors, spanning diverse backgrounds and proficient in over 120 languages. Whether it’s data validation, large-scale data collection, or enhancing search engine accuracy, our crowd stands ready to assist you in any domain.

Wow AI Airdrop:

  • Reward: Up to 10 USDT
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: 20th December 2023.

How to Claim Wow AI Airdrop:

  1. Start by chatting with the Telegram Bot!
  2. Once the airdrop ends, you can earn airdrop tokens by completing all tasks under the Telegram Bot’s guidance.
  3. Aside from that, you can participate in the CratD2C Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Total Airdrop Pool: 2000 USDT
  • The top 30 referrers will share 1000 USDT as follows:
  • 1st place: 150 USDT
  • 2nd place: 100 USDT
  • 3rd place: 75 USDT
  • 4th to 30th place: 25 USDT each.

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Note: Check out the video below for more information on how to claim the latest crypto airdrop!

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