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Specta Airdrop is offering amazing opportunity to get 1,000 $SPC tokens absolutely free! This new crypto airdrop is the latest airdrop available and is totally legit. All you have to do is follow simple steps and claim your free crypto airdrop. Don’t miss this great chance to get your hands on some free tokens! Visit Specta Airdrop website for more information.

About Specta Protocol:

Specta Protocol uses the Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm which is a combination of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Authority (PoA). PoSA allows Specta Chain to process transactions faster and at a lower cost compared to other blockchains that use PoW (Proof of Work) or PoS.

In Specta Chain, validators are participants who guarantee a number of SPC coins and are tasked with validating transactions. When validators generate valid blocks, they will receive transaction fees as a reward. However, no new SPCs are created as validator rewards, they are awarded from pre-existing SPCs.

The number of active validators in Specta Chain is limited to 21 validators. Only active validators are eligible to validate transactions. The list of active validators is determined based on validator rank sorted by the number of SPC coins held. The 21 validators with the highest number of SPCs become active validators who take turns validating blocks of transactions. The list of validators is determined daily and stored separately in Specta Chain.

Specta Protocol provides high security to transactions and also reduces the risk of attacks by 51% allowing other users to manipulate transactions. With Specta Protocol, users can make transactions quickly, securely, and at lower fees. In addition, Specta Explorer allows users to view transactions and blocks that occur on the Specta Chain in real time.

Our mission is to build a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain infrastructure that can facilitate blockchain-based applications and services for the general public and to expand the adoption of blockchain technology in various industries. We are committed to producing an environmentally friendly blockchain by utilizing the latest technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Our vision is to become a blockchain technology developer focused on scalability, security, and interoperability. We will collaborate with partners and developers, prioritize public education on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and commit to supporting the growth and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Specta Airdrop:

  • Reward: 1,000 SPC
  • Winners: 1,000 Random & Top 20
  • Distribution: TBA.

How to Claim Specta Airdrop:

  1. Start by chatting with the Telegram Bot!
  2. Once the airdrop ends, you can earn airdrop tokens by completing all tasks under the Telegram Bot’s guidance.
  3. As an additional benefit, you can get WILY Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • 1,000 Random winners will receive 1,000 SPC each
  • Top 20 Referrers will share 100,000 SPC Tokens.

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Note: If you are having difficulties claiming the crypto airdrop, please watch the video below!

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