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The airdrop of OribuAl is an incredible chance. You can obtain 5,000 USDT without cost! Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to receive some free cryptocurrency because this airdrop for cryptocurrency is the most recent and legitimate one accessible. Simply register with OribuAl and follow their instructions to get started. Claim your complimentary 5,000 USDT right away!

About OribuAI:

The OribuAl Token was initially developed as a project for the education of disadvantaged people. In the process, it is planned to develop specific products for specific needs in the fields of education that humanity needs.

The OribuAl Token, which associates the crypto currency based on blockchain technology with the ever-increasing needs in the world, closely following the developments and innovations in the sectors in which it does business; in this sense, can be defined as an innovative cryptocurrency based on next generation blockchain technology.

The OribuAl Token will make concrete collaborations with companies, institutions and individuals operating in the field of education and artificial intelligence in real life. Some commitments were made in the preliminary negotiations held at the initial stage of the token process.

The OribuAl Token aimed to start off with a strong liquidity pool. Some of this liquidity is strategically allocated. A part of the liquidity is reserved for the development of the project, advertising works, cooperation agreements, employees, cex and dex stock exchange liquidity. Dex stock market liquidity will be updated in a way that does not allow manipulation in the light of the strategies developed by taking into account the market conditions of cryptocurrencies and long years of experience.

OribuAl Airdrop:

  • Reward: Up to 7 USDT
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: 11th July 2023.

How to Claim OribuAl Airdrop:

  1. Let’s start chatting with this Telegram Bot!
  2. You can earn airdrop tokens by completing all tasks under Telegram Bot’s guidance once the airdrop ends.
  3. If you wish, you may also join the Hashfair Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Total Airdrop Pool: 5,000 USDT
  • The top 100 referrers will share 1500 USDT as follows:
  • 1st place: 160 USDT
  • 2nd place: 110 USDT
  • 3rd place: 80 USDT
  • 4th place: 50 USDT
  • 5th place: 30 USDT
  • 6th to 10th place: 20 USDT each
  • 11th to 50th place: 13 USDT each.
  • 51th to 100th place: 9 USDT each.

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Note: If you have trouble claiming the new crypto airdrop, please watch the following video.

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