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Attention, everyone of you who are interested in cryptocurrencies! A massive $10,000 worth of free $HOM tokens will be available during the HomDAO Airdrop, so be ready for it. Keep an eye out for this brand-new cryptocurrency airdrop, which is the newest on the market. You may be confident that this airdrop is real and a fantastic way for you to obtain some free cryptocurrency. Take advantage of the HomDAO Airdrop to increase the value of your cryptocurrency holdings. Prior to it being too late, claim your $HOM tokens!

About HomDAO:

Established in 2021, HOM DAO (pronounced “home dow”) is on a mission to make safe and sustainable housing accessible worldwide. We do this by pioneering blockchain applications that simplify, reduce costs, and expedite real-world asset transactions.

The problems we solve:

The inventions underpinning HOM DAO’s patents have the potential to transform ownership records across various asset classes – including real estate, cars, boats, planes, and collectibles – disrupting industries such as the $8BN USD title insurance racket, and creating a pathway to help governments and communities transition to more effective, secure, and transparent blockchain registries versus the legacy systems they may currently be using. These innovations deliver increased transaction speed, accuracy, and security. The need for scalable, secure public ledgers to keep track of commercial transactions is critical in a world run on centralized databases which are increasingly under threat from AI-powered hacking.

HOM COIN: Fueling Our Mission:

HOM COIN plays a central role in driving the HOM DAO mission forward. Starting from February 2024, you can buy and trade HOM COINS on both popular centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Vote to Earn: Shape Our Innovative Future:

By acquiring HOM COINS, you become an active voting member, actively influencing the DAO’s innovative journey. The Vote to Earn app, integrated into every HOM COIN, rewards your participation in shaping our path forward.

Real-World Uses and Patents:

HOM DAO proudly stands as one of the few DAOs globally to secure patent protection for groundbreaking blockchain innovations. These patents will redefine asset trading in sectors like real estate, automobiles, aviation, shipping, and collectibles, where asset value hinges on title and provenance. The significance of these patents cannot be understated, as they not only make HOM DAO unique but also provide intrinsic value to HOM COIN holders. You can view our patent submissions here.

The Value of Patented IP in HOM DAO:

HOM DAO’s pursuit of patents represents a groundbreaking shift in the blockchain space. We recognize the importance of safeguarding intellectual property. These patents protect our innovative technologies, ensuring that they remain exclusive to HOM DAO. This exclusivity creates a competitive advantage in the market, making HOM DAO and HOM COIN a rare and valuable proposition. As a HOM COIN holder, you gain access to a unique membership club, underpinned by patented technologies.

Proven Impact: Key Milestones:

HOM DAO has a proven track record of driving meaningful change with its technologies, including:

  1. Facilitating the relaunch of the Hawaii Dollar as a CBDC linked to a Visa Payments program for the sovereign Nation of Hawaii.
  2. Providing 1 million tokens and the inaugural NFT drop for World Housing, supporting vulnerable families worldwide.
  3. Developing patent-pending solutions such as the Digital Title Certificate for Property Ownership Tracking, the Escrow Locker for secure DTC and crypto transfers, the Title Assurance application, and the Vote to Earn dapp.

Anticipation Builds: HOM COIN in 2024:

HOM COIN is a membership coin, its distinctive value lies in granting you access to participate actively and vote within HOM DAO. The HOM COIN is the next generation from the original pHOM token which was used to help the DAO build consensus around ideas, test them, optimize them, and grow the community. pHOM tokens will cease to have utility upon the launch of HOM COINS which is slated for Q1 2024. HOM Coins should be widely tradable by Q2 2024.

Get Involved Today:

If you wish to join the DAO effort, you can acquire HOM COINS and become an integral part of our mission to provide safe, sustainable housing for everyone, everywhere. If you reside in an area where buying or trading crypto assets is prohibited by law, we strongly advise against acquiring HOM COINS or engaging in any related activities. HOM DAO is not responsible for individuals who choose to contravene the laws of their respective countries or regions. By accessing and using our services, you acknowledge and accept this responsibility.

HomDAO Airdrop:

  • Reward: $3 worth of HOM
  • Winner: Random winner
  • Distribution: 2nd March 2024.

How to Claim HomDAO Airdrop:

  1. Let’s start by talking to the Telegram Bot here!
  2. You’ll receive your airdrop tokens once you’ve completed all the tasks under a Telegram bot’s direction.
  3. There is also the option to join the LYXC Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Reward pool: $10,000 worth of $HOM coins ($7500 for participation and $2500 for referral rewards)
  • Rewards per participant: $3 worth of $HOM coins
  • Rewards per referral: $1 worth of $HOM coins [maximum. cap of $100].

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Note: Please watch the following video if you have trouble claiming the crypto airdrop!

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