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FitBurn Airdrop is offering a great opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts and investors out there. Claim your FREE $10,000 worth of $CAL tokens now! This is the latest legit airdrop that you don’t want to miss! FitBurn Airdrop is giving away free crypto tokens to those who join their program. Sign up now and take advantage of this new airdrop before it ends. Start claiming your rewards and get ready to increase your cryptocurrency holdings quickly and easily. Get your free CAL tokens now!

About FitBurn:

FitBurn is an innovative project that has created the world’s first AI-powered burn-to-earn fitness application, allowing users to earn money through a gamified T-Shirt NFT and Calorie token (CAL) while they are working out. With $4M Raised from big names in the fitness industry and crypto space, FitBurn is leading the way in creating an ‘Eco-Payment System’ for the fitness and well-being industry!

The Fitburn mobile application offers a gamified experience for users to earn rewards while improving their fitness. Users can participate in challenges, track their progress, and earn $CAL tokens by completing fitness goals. The app also includes features like social sharing and personalized workout plans.

Fitburn NFTs are the ‘first things first’. Having an NFT is required to use the app and earn rewards. The technology and design to offer a unique way to track your workouts and burn calories.

The CAL token is the utility token for the FitBurn ecosystem, which could be used as a payment method. CAL token has fixed supply and facilitates additional functions such as rewards distribution, staking, and governance.

FitBurn Airdrop:

  • Reward: $10 in CAL
  • Winner: 1,000 Random winners
  • Distribution: After Fit Burn IDO.

How to Claim FitBurn Airdrop:

  1. First, here you can find the Telegram Bot that will help you get started!
  2. Then complete all the tasks directed by a Telegram Bot and you will receive your airdrop tokens.
  3. Furthermore, you may be eligible for IndiGG Airdrop.

Airdrop Prize:

  • Total airdrop pool at $10,000 worth of $CAL tokens.
  • Top 10 referrals will get FitBurn NFT each valued at approximately $600.

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