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Hey there, cryptocurrency fans! Are you prepared to receive your free allocation of 8,500 $FINC tokens? The goal of the Finceptor Airdrop is to provide you with the chance to acquire the newest and most promising cryptocurrency. The market is paying close attention to this fresh crypto airdrop, which is recognized as a legitimate one. Don’t pass up this opportunity to take part in a free cryptocurrency airdrop and possibly expand your holdings with some valuable tokens. Don’t wait to claim your tokens; act quickly!

About Finceptor:

Finceptor is a DeFi liquidity protocol with a launchpad plug-in, enabling unlaunched and publicly traded tokens to build protocol-owned liquidity – solving DeFi 1.0’s mercenary liquidity problem. Liquidity Mining, providing token incentives to retail liquidity providers (LP), is highly expensive, unsustainable, mercenary, and rented. DeFi needs better liquidity management. We’re building a suite of first-in-the-market liquidity products enabling projects to bootstrap and grow their protocol-owned liquidity – liquidity vaults and bonds. Moreover, we also have our own launchpad plug-in strategically placed to attract top Web3 projects and help them grow their liquidity.

  • Liquidity Vault is an on-chain initial liquidity bootstrapping tool to build protocol-owned liquidity for unlaunched tokens.
  • Bond is a structured protocol-owned liquidity growth and token liquidation tool for publicly traded tokens.
  • Launchpad for a strategic token launch and sales arm.

Philosophy: We believe in the power of stories. Stories unite us, stories inspire us, and stories empower us. We have always rooted for the underdogs, the Rockies, the Stephen Currys of the world. We idolized how the unfavored, and the disadvantaged came out on top when no one expected them to. The Dawn of the digital age and blockchain technology showed that Davids could indeed triumph over Goliaths, and we believe people can also triumph over centralized figures of authority. This is why we are here, why we have founded finceptor, to equalize the skewed distribution of capital across private markets.

The private market, or investments outside of the stock market, was historically reserved for institutional and wealthy individuals. The notion of the rich getting richer is an inevitable part of capitalism that no one can deny or fight against; however, giving the opportunity to access previously inaccessible financial assets can help relatively smaller investors join in on this notion. Regardless of the outcome, or the performance of an asset, the opportunity to invest at an early stage should be equal for everyone. We are always open to everyone. Built by the community for the community.

We value openness, the core concept and pillar upon which we have built Finceptor. Openness is the companion virtue to loyalty, as we firmly believe open people and organizations are more likely to succeed in business terms—and more likely to contribute to good lives for individuals and communities.

Openness toward capital markets is the bending of the curve for the rich in the deprived throughout the history of private markets, including venture capital and investment banking. Democratizing the private market, including venture capital and investment banking space, via lowering the investment barriers to the surface, Finceptor is visioning to empower public investors.

Vision: Finceptor’s vision is to equalize access to historically-reserved private market instruments, promoting equal economic opportunity.

Mission: Finceptor’s mission is to create an open liquidity and token investment platform for retail investors.

Finceptor Airdrop:

  • Reward: 35 $FINC
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: After the airdrop ends.

How to Claim a Finceptor Airdrop:

  1. To get started, visit Airdrop Page-1 & Page-2 & Page-3!
  2. Participation in the airdrop requires your name and email address, or a social media account.
  3. You will receive your reward when you complete all the tasks and the airdrop ends.
  4. It is also possible to claim the FonChain Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • Finceptor is giving away 8,500 $FINC tokens as rewards!
  • Top 15 Ref: 100 $FINC tokens
  • Random 200: 35 $FINC tokens.

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Note: Check out the video below for more information on how to claim the latest crypto airdrop!

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