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The Dork Lord Pepe Airdrop is a legitimate crypto airdrop from the latest industry news. Participants can claim FREE 10 Million DORKLPEPE tokens worth $50,000 USDT simply by following some easy steps. This offer is available for a limited time only, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can! With this incredible airdrop, participants will get their hands on a huge amount of free crypto that they can use in their trading and investment strategies. Don’t miss out on your chance to become part of the new world of digital money – join the Dork Lord Pepe Airdrop today!

About Dork Lord Pepe:

Dork Lord Pepe Coinstands out from the sea of cryptocurrencies because it represents something unique. Inspired by Matt Furie’s latest tweet, each coin is a digital representation of his creative spirit at a specific moment in time. This makes each coin special and valuable, as it captures a fleeting yet powerful expression of Furie’s artistic vision.

DORK LORD PEPE Coin has no association with Matt Furie or his creation Pepe the Frog. This token is simply paying homage to a meme we all love and recognize.

DORK LORD PEPE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. the coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.

Dork Lord Pepe Airdrop:

  • Reward: 5500 DORKLPEPE (~$27.5)
  • Winner: 1000 Random winners
  • Distribution: 15th October 2023.

How to Claim the Dork Lord Pepe Airdrop:

  1. Contact Telegram Bot-1 & Bot-2 here!
  2. Complete all tasks under Telegram Bot’s direction, and after the airdrop ends, earn airdrop tokens.
  3. Additionally, you can participate in the Hinoki Protocol Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • The total airdrop pool is 10 Million DORKLPEPE (~$50,000).
  • Task: 5500 DORKLPEPE (~$27.5) for 1000 random participants each.
  • Referral: 4.5 Million DORKLPEPE (~$22,500) for top 50 referrers.
  • 1st place: 405,000 DORKLPEPE (~$2520)
  • 2nd place: 315,000 DORKLPEPE (~$1620)
  • 3rd place: 225,000 DORKLPEPE (~$720)
  • 4th to 50th place: 75,638 DORKLPEPE (~$378.19) each.

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Note: Watch the following video if you have problems claiming the legit crypto airdrop!

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