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The well-known cryptocurrency platform Dojoswap has just revealed its most recent airdrop for aficionados. Users can collect an amazing $1500 worth of USDT for free with the airdrop. The cryptocurrency world is talking a lot about this recent airdrop, which is being praised as one of the most reliable ones out there. Because Dojoswap has a solid reputation for security and dependability, consumers can feel secure knowing that this airdrop is authentic. Don’t pass up this chance to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings for free. Before it’s too late, go to Dojoswap right now to get your piece of the $1500 USDT airdrop!

About Dojoswap:

Dojoswap is a Uniswap-inspired automated market-maker (AMM) protocol implemented with smart contracts on the Injective blockchain. The protocol enables a decentralized on-chain exchange for various assets involved in the Injective ecosystem.

Liquidity Provider: A liquidity provider boosts the liquidity of a Dojoswap pair by contributing an equal value of two assets to the pool, thereby increasing the market’s liquidity without altering the pool price. As a reward for this contribution, liquidity providers receive newly created LP tokens, representing their stake in the pool. These tokens come with the advantage of earning trading fees, which accrue with each swap made within the pool. When liquidity providers wish to withdraw their portion from the pool, they have the option to burn their LP tokens.

Dojoswap Exchange: Dojoswap Exchange is the official web front-end interface for swapping Dojo native tokens and CW20 tokens. A wallet is required to interact with Dojoswap.

Before executing a swap in the web application, your connected wallet must have source tokens and transaction fee. Once you generate a transaction in the proper format, it will prompt you to sign the transaction by entering your password.

Dojoswap Airdrop:

  • Reward: Up to 7.5 USDT
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: 20th February 2024.

How to Claim Dojoswap Airdrop:

  1. Here’s how to start: talk to the Telegram Bot!
  2. During the airdrop, you’ll need to complete all tasks under Telegram Bot’s direction to earn airdrop tokens.
  3. It is also possible for you to participate in an ASDI Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • Total Airdrop Pool: 1500 USDT
  • The top 50 referrers will share 750 USDT as follows:
  • 1st place: 100 USDT
  • 2nd place: 80 USDT
  • 3rd place: 65 USDT
  • 4th place: 45 USDT
  • 5th place: 35 USDT
  • 6th to 10th place: 15 USDT each
  • 11th to 30th place: 10 USDT each
  • 31st to 50th place: 7.5 USDT each.

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Note: Please watch the following video if you have trouble claiming the crypto airdrop!

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