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Joy, cryptocurrency aficionados! The much awaited Cryptopia Airdrop is now live, giving you the opportunity to get FREE $700 USDT. The most recent in a long line of thrilling airdrops, this new cryptocurrency one is undoubtedly not one to be missed. This free cryptocurrency airdrop is the ideal way for you to increase your digital assets without having to invest any money, as its legitimacy is assured. Don’t hesitate any longer—join the airdrop now to receive your portion of the $700 USDT!

About Cryptopia:

Blockchain gaming has huge potential, but there is a problem… in its current state, it is not fit for mass adoption. Current blockchain games are too expensive to start, too complex to start, unfair, and unsustainable. On top of that, most of them are not fun to play. Cryptopia solves these problems and built a fun game that is free-to-play-and-earn!

Cryptopia makes onboarding intuitive and easy by abstracting away the blockchain. The game is built on top of a multi-sig wallet. This means that players do not need an external wallet (like MetaMask or TrustWallet). They create a game account (just like any traditional game) and get a wallet with that. It also means that players do not leave the game environment when interacting with the blockchain. Everything is done from the game UI, making it a seamless experience. In addition, a multi-sig wallet is the safest and most secure wallet available. This helps newbies to crypto feel safe and secure.

Our game is free-to-play-and-earn. You don’t need to buy an NFT in order to play and earn. Just create an account and start playing. Try the game and see for yourself if this is something for you. Combined with the easy sign-up, we have the prerequisites in place for easy onboarding. The barrier to entry is extremely low.

Cryptopia is fair. Web3 is all about owning digital (game) items, which is fantastic. But these items can be rendered useless overnight without player consent. This is something that is completely overlooked. Nobody worries about the continuity of how you can use these items. We do. Unlike any other game, we are 100% decentralized, running on chain and on our peer-to-peer network. We have no central servers. This ensures that ownership of game items is safeguarded by community governance of utility. No change of rules without community consent. (See Gala Games or DeFi Kingdom for why this is extremely important)

Cryptopia is also fair from an economic standpoint. We allow everyone to play and earn. We aim for people that have the means and want to spend. At the same time, we also aim for people who don’t have the means or don’t want to spend (again, very important for web2 gamers who want to test the blockchain waters).

We have two playstyles that cater to each group and, very unique, complement each other. The Tycoon playstyle is about investing in land, resources, facilities, etc. The Adventurer playstyle is about exploring, questing, and leveling up your avatar. Although Tycoons may own the assets, Adventurers hold the key to making these assets productive. When you want to build or produce, you need labor. There is only one source of labor. It has to be provided by other players: Tycoons recruit Adventurers and pay for their services.

It is important to understand that there is no pay-to-win, only “pay-to-progress.” Just like regular games with an item shop: if you have the means, you can make it easier for yourself. But, unlike regular games, when players pay in Cryptopia (for convenience or power-ups), their money does not end up with the game publisher. Their money goes to other players. In short, when Tycoons pay, other players earn, so they too can progress.

The peer-to-peer mechanism of Tycoons and Adventurers makes Cryptopia sustainable. Wealth is redistributed, and time spent in the game is rewarded. This system also stimulates players to stay in the game: by spending more time to level up (and become more attractive as a worker/specialist) or by spending the earned rewards to make it easier to level up (better ships, better tools, etc.) In other words, instead of extracting value from Cryptopia, they are stimulated to keep adding value to Cryptopia.

In addition, the game generates rewards for future players. All resources that are used for building, producing, crafting, upgrading, and repairing are saved in a treasury (in a web2 game, these resources are simply removed from the game). Rewards for new players come from this treasury. Lastly, there are gameplay elements that generate rewards. For instance, when a pirate loots another player, part of the loot will drop into the ocean and becomes a treasure. This treasure is a future quest reward for other players.

We think Cryptopia is fun to play. Of course, this is up to the players to judge. By building a game with rich gameplay, we believe many players will agree!

Cryptopia Airdrop:

  • Reward: $700 USDT
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: After the airdrop event ends.

How to Claim Cryptopia Airdrop:

  1. To get started, go to the official Airdrop Page-1 & Page-2 & Page-3 & Page-4!
  2. You must provide your name, email address or social media account to participate.
  3. Upon completion of all tasks and the end of the airdrop, you will receive your reward.
  4. It is also possible for you to participate in the Milo Dog Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • Total airdrop prizes: $700 USDT
  • The top 5: $20 USDT each.
  • The top 60: $10 USDT each.

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Note: If you are having difficulties claiming the crypto airdrop, please watch the video below!

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