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Hey there, cryptocurrency fans! Prepare to grab your portion of the Contrax Airdrop, the newest airdrop. 1 million xTRAX tokens are being given away for free as part of this official airdrop. Don’t pass up this chance to expand your cryptocurrency holdings. Be quick to claim your tokens before they expire. Become a part of the expanding user base that has already profited from this genuine airdrop. Get your free cryptocurrency right now with the Contrax Airdrop; don’t delay any longer.

About Contrax:

Welcome everyone to the newly launched, Wyoming-registered Contrax DAO! Unlike most DAOs, Contrax is starting off with an extensively refined and tested product with legal and compliance prerequisites in place. This means a further-along project at the start of the DAO, allowing us to go to market right away.

This is a guide for every new DAO member, project partner, potential investor, or anyone else that wants to quickly yet comprehensively learn about Contrax.

The Contrax dApp is a web-based app that makes staking and farming as simple as possible. Users create a web3 wallet with a social login (or use their existing web3 wallet), and then deposit into an auto-compounding vault with either ETH or USDC in three clicks, no gas needed. Rewarded are auto-compounded for the user, so they only ever have to deal with a single token. Users can buy USDC easily with simplified KYC from one of our three gateways, or follow our guides to send over funds from their exchange of choice.

“Earn” is the main page, with all the “single token” vaults first, and the more common two-token LP farms lower down. The single token farms are simpler to understand and less risk, as there is no impermanent loss. These farms either earn from the protocol directly, like GMX, or create liquidity between two types of the same token, like ETH for wETH and stETH liquidity. The rewards from the underlying farm and trading fees.

Users earn auto-compounded APY along with xTRAX tokens, and can withdraw their position in USDC or ETH. They can see their positions and their gain/loss per farm in USD on the dashboard. The point of the Contrax dApp is to simplify DeFi, and make it a more appealing for all user types. A newcomer would prefer Contrax to a centralized exhange with little to no APY while requiring trust, while a degen would prefer Contrax to save time and hassle to get into vaults.

TRAX Token:

TRAX is the DAO token of Contrax, currently earn-able by either staking in any farm on the dApp, or by completing tasks for Contrax through our Notion (see “Get Involved” section below). The main things to know about the token are:

  • It represents ownership and governance for the Contrax DAO.
  • It is an ERC-20 token on Arbitrum One.
  • It has a total supply of 800 million.
  • It is non-transferable for now but retains voting rights.

Contrax Airdrop:

  • Reward: 400 xTRAX
  • Winners: Random winners
  • Distribution: 12th April 2024.
  • Note: After the distribution, the airdrop link will be closed; stay tuned for a new crypto airdrop link.

How to Claim Contrax Airdrop:

  1. Talk to our Telegram Bot to get started!
  2. As soon as the airdrop ends, complete all tasks under Telegram Bot’s guidance to earn airdrop tokens.
  3. As an additional benefit, you can get Shieldeum Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • Reward Pool: 1 million xTRAX (750k for participation and 250k for referral rewards)
  • Rewards per participant: 400 xTRAX tokens.
  • Rewards per referral: 50 xTRAX [maximum . cap of 5000 xTRAX]

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Note: If you are having trouble claiming the new crypto airdrop, check out the video below!

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