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ChainGPT is excited to launch its latest airdrop! Claim your FREE 3000 CGPT worth $150 USDT in our new crypto airdrop! This is a legit and free airdrop opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts. Don’t wait, join now and get your share of the airdrop before it’s too late! So what are you waiting for? Join us now and claim your FREE 3000 CGPT worth $150 USDT!

About ChainGPT:

Unleash the power of Blockchain AI with ChainGPT. An advanced AI model explicitly designed for Blockchain Technology and Crypto-related topics. It uses the latest algorithms and high-speed computing capabilities to address challenging issues in the Blockchain and Crypto space. Using ChainGPT, users may quickly obtain whatever knowledge and information they require. With many other unique features designed for individuals, developers, and businesses, ChainGPT is an essential tool for all in the Blockchain space.

Among its unique features: Blockchain & Crypto information, no-code smart contract generator, smart-contract auditor, code debugger, code-to-words, documentation creator, chart analysis & technical analysis, AML features, Blockchain analytics, on-chain live data, source of news, and much more. By creating the most advanced AI model, we offer users unlimited use cases to which ChainGPT can be applied. Furthermore, our SDK & API service makes it possible to develop new applications powered by ChainGPT or integrate them into existing ones.

ChainGPT is backed by the CGPT utility token, which is required to access various AI tools and products powered by ChainGPT. So it’s playing a significant role in the ecosystem of ChainGPT.

Here’s a Quick Overview of What ChainGPT Has To Offer:

  • AI Chatbot Assistant: The ChainGPT AI Chatbot is a conversational AI-powered assistant that was designed specifically for Blockchain technology and crypto. Whether you’re an individual, developer, or business, ChainGPT can assist you with a wide range of tasks: no-code smart-contract programming, debugging, market analysis, guidance, trading, and more. The beta version is currently live, and It’s free:
  • AI-Solidity Smart Contracts Generator & Auditor: ChainGPT simplifies smart contract creation and auditing, even for those without coding experience. Users can generate contracts by describing their desired features and quickly audit existing contracts by pasting the code into ChainGPT. In addition, the system stays up-to-date with the latest guidelines, Solidity pragma versions, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Dev Assist: Dev Assist is an open-source browser extension that provides users with a comprehensive understanding of smart-contract interactions. The tool visually represents the code and its workings, making it easier for developers and non-developers alike to understand how the contracts work.
  • AI-Generated News: ChainGPT offers an AI-powered news service that automates generating news articles in the Blockchain and Crypto space. The service is designed to provide users with up-to-date and accurate information about the latest trends and developments in the sector.
  • AI-Generated NFTs: AI-Generated NFTs are non-fungible tokens created based on user prompts using AI-powered algorithms. These NFTs are unique and can be used for various applications such as digital art, in-game items, and digital collectibles. Within 30-60 seconds, anyone can deploy their NFTs on the Blockchain.
  • AI Trading Assistant: Explicitly designed for Crypto traders looking to improve their Technical Analysis experience. Easily apply TA parameters and strategies, ask ChainGPT to detect chart patterns, and analyze historical data with the help of our AI.
  • ChainGPT (Layer-1 Blockchain) Virtual Machine: The ChainGPT Virtual Machine is a next-generation virtual machine that offers a unique combination of EVM compatibility and on-chain AI inference. It is designed to enable the development of decentralized AI applications on the blockchain.

Half of all the fees and profits collected by the ChainGPT tools & utilities within the ecosystem are burned, decreasing the supply of $CGPT. The other half is used for the growth and sustainability of the ChainGPT ecosystem.

ChainGPT is also actively developing other innovative tools and utilities that will enable users to take advantage of the potential of blockchain-based AI. From on-chain AI inference and AI-generated NFTs to AI trading bots and decentralized AI application development, ChainGPT is at the forefront of the blockchain-AI revolution.

ChainGPT Airdrop:

  • Reward: 3000 CGPT (~$150)
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: 12th September 2023.

How to Claim the ChainGPT Airdrop:

  1. Here’s how to start: talk to the Telegram Bot!
  2. During the airdrop, you’ll need to complete all tasks under Telegram Bot’s direction to earn airdrop tokens.
  3. It is also possible to apply for the BaseXchange Airdrop.

Airdrop Prizes:

  • Get 3000 CGPT (150$) For completing All Tasks.
  • Earn 1500 CGPT (75$) For Every referral.

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Note: If you are having trouble claiming the new legit crypto airdrop, watch this video!

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