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Buddha Coin Airdrop is the latest and most exciting airdrop available now! Claim your FREE 44,444,444 BLISS Tokens and join the crypto revolution today. This airdrop is 100% legitimate and offers free tokens to help you get started with cryptocurrency trading. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some free crypto – sign up now and start claiming your BLISS Tokens.

About Buddha Coin:

Ideation and development of Blissful Buddha character and philosophy. Formation of core development and advisory team. Tokenomics structure and smart contract development. Development of the Bliss website and social media platforms.

Smart contract audited by a reputable third-party agency. Official launch of the Bliss token. Implementation of community outreach programs. Listing on DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

Introduction of interactive ‘Blissful Events’ for token burning. Regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to increase engagement. Partnerships with meditation and mindfulness platforms. Seeking listings on CEXs (Centralized Exchanges). Launch of the Bliss community merch store.

Development of the Bliss Meditation App. Development of educational crypto content focused on mindfulness trading. Beta testing of the Bliss Meditation App. Launch of the ‘Blissful Giveback’ initiative for community charities.

Official launch of the Bliss Meditation App. Organize global mindfulness events offline and online. Introduction of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) elements associated with the Blissful Buddha character. Potential collaborations with established mindfulness influencers and celebrities.

Continual optimization of the Bliss Meditation App. Development and introduction of additional burn mechanisms. Further NFT integration and development. Expansion of partnerships and collaborations. Staying true to our philosophy, we’ll continue promoting mindful trading, creating a holistic and blissful ecosystem in the crypto world. Please note that all timelines are estimates and subject to change as per project progress and crypto market conditions.

Buddha Coin Airdrop:

  • Reward: 44,444,444 BLISS
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: 25th June 2023.

How to Claim Buddha Coin Airdrop:

  1. Chat with the Telegram Bot to get started!
  2. Upon the airdrop’s conclusion, you can earn tokens by completing all tasks under the Telegram Bot’s guidance.
  3. As an additional benefit, you can get ETukTuk Airdrop.


  • Total airdrop pool is 44,444,444 BLISS
  • Task: 10,000 BLISS for 4000 random participants each.
  • Referral: 4,444,444 BLISS for top 100 referrers.
  • 1st place: 254,444 BLISS
  • 2nd place: 180,000 BLISS
  • 3rd place: 130,000 BLISS
  • 4th to 100th place: 40,000 BLISS each.

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