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Explore the Amulet Airdrop and seize the chance to claim incredible rewards including MetaBear NFTs, AmuPoints, and cash prizes! This latest airdrop is an excellent opportunity to benefit from a free crypto airdrop, a popular method used by blockchain projects to engage with their community and attract new users.

This new airdrop is a legitimate and trustworthy initiative that offers exciting rewards to its participants. By participating in this airdrop, you can receive free MetaBear NFTs that are unique and valuable digital assets, AmuPoints which can be used to participate in the Amulet Protocol ecosystem, and even cash prizes!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to claim your free rewards through the Amulet Protocol Airdrop. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency and take advantage of exciting opportunities like this one. Act now and enjoy the rewards of participating in this legit airdrop!

About Amulet:

Amulet Protocol is a decentralized risk protection protocol (“RPP”) built for the Rust-based ecosystem, starting with the Solana blockchain. Amulet has designed an innovative and open risk protection model which not only effectively addresses the common challenges of existing decentralized RPPs, but also creates a new paradigm shift for the whole risk protection sector.

Risk underwriting and cover claim lies at the core of any risk protection business. However, all existing decentralized finance (DeFi) RPPs have been facing a critical sustainability challenge for risk underwriting and claims.

Amulet is creating the risk protection industry’s first Protocol-Controlled Reserves (“PCR”) approach in which Amulet will build up reserves and introduce a claim structure involving a unique Yield Backed Claim (“YBC”) method. This is a significant change from the incumbent model of simply drawing directly on the underwriters’ capital to make claim payouts.

Amulet Airdrop:

  • Reward: MetaBear NFTs, AmuPoints & Cash prizes
  • Winner: Random winners
  • Distribution: TBA.

How to Claim Amulet Airdrop:

  1. Here’s a Telegram Bot you can talk to!
  2. To earn airdrop tokens, complete all tasks under Telegram Bot’s guidance and after the airdrop ends.
  3. Also, you are eligible to join the StarCoin Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • You get MetaBear NFTs, AmuPoints, cash prizes and more to be won as a reward for your work!

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Note: Please watch the following video if you have any problems joining the crypto airdrop!

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