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CryptoKTV Airdrop » Claim FREE $CKTV + 50 NFTs

Are you a fan of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Don’t miss out on CryptoKTV’s latest airdrop offering! Claim your free $5,000 in CKTV and 50 NFTs worth $5,000 USDT today.

This new airdrop is one of the most exciting and innovative offerings in the world of crypto. As a legitimate airdrop, anyone can participate in this opportunity to expand their crypto portfolio and explore the potential of CKTV and NFTs.

CryptoKTV’s airdrop provides investors with the chance to benefit from CKTV and NFT value appreciation. This is a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and benefits of both crypto and NFTs in one package.

Furthermore, this is a legitimate airdrop you can trust. CryptoKTV is committed to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for all its users, and this airdrop is no exception.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to claim your free $5,000 in CKTV and 50 NFTs worth $5,000 USDT. Join the ranks of cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts worldwide and benefit from this exciting new airdrop.

About CryptoKTV:

CryptoKTV team of 30+ journalists, anchors, reporters and analysts work relentlessly to produce amazing, cutting-edge shows to keep you up to date about everything crypto. Our producers and editors make sure that the stream of information we collect all over the world never stops and bring from our studios to your screen 24×7.

CryptoKTV Airdrop:

  • Reward: $5,000 in CKTV & 50 NFTs (~$5,000)
  • Winners: 1,000 FCFS, 1,000 Random & Top 50
  • Distribution: After 4th May 2023.

How to Claim CryptoKTV Airdrop:

  1. Let’s get started by chatting with this Telegram Bot!
  2. To earn airdrop tokens, complete all tasks under Telegram Bot’s guidance and after the airdrop ends.
  3. As well as this, you can join the Mallconomy Airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards:

  • $4 worth of CKTV each to 1,000 Random winners.
  • $1 worth of CKTV each to 1,000 FCFS winners.
  • 1 NFT (~$100) each to 50 top referrers.

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Note: Watch the following video if you are having difficulty claiming the new crypto airdrop!

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